Targeted Nutritional Therapy

Here at Tree Of Life Compounding Chemist we work closely with the patient and the doctor to meet your specific needs. Based on test results, the Doctor will formulate a CUSTOMISED morning and/or evening prescription of vitamins,minerals and amino acids. It kind of makes sense in today’s society that we all require different amounts of nutrients based on genetics, diet, lifestyle and other factors like environment.

Targeted Nutritional therapy is the science of pathology testing combined with subjective analysis to gain understanding of what isn’t working “underneath the hood”. A lot of what goes wrong underneath the hood is often the result of environmental toxicity like pesticides, mercury and lead, GMO’s not to mention lifestyle issues such as food additives, drugs, alcohol etc and lets not forget about the harm caused by the stress of living in the 21st century. Thanks to Dr Abrahm Hofer, a psychiatrist in the 1950’s who started testing his schizophrenic patients urine (the pyyrole test or the MAUVE factor as it was know then) was the beginning of this amazing science. There is now a clinical framework to identify specific nutrient imbalances and their effect on mood, behavior and thought disorders. At this point in time TNT is a cutting edge clinical treatment and is leading to some truly life changing and beneficial outcomes.

After receiving a patients script we strive to have it ready as soon as possible. We aim to keep our prices as competitive as possible. Targeted Nutritional Therapy scripts are generally made for 3 months of supply and can include some very expensive ingredients. We source all of our ingredients from reputable approved wholesalers and stand by our quality and in some cases (as some of you may know already) the QUANTITY!

Bio-balance trained doctors specialise in the clinical management of testing and treating a multiple of disorders such as ketopyrroluria, depression, anxiety, panic attacks and spectrum behavioral disorders.

Check out the Bio-balance website for more information and how to find a Bio-balance trained Doctor.