Micronutrients for the Prevention of Age-Related Diseases and Brain Dysfunction

08 Oct 2016

– Vitamin D controls over a thousand genes and ties into longer lifespans
– Depression correlates with inflammation and omega-3 fatty acids
– Internal gut environment affects mood and immune system
– Magnesium is essential in DNA repair
– Caloric restriction impedes cardiovascular disease, cancer, brain atrophy, and nerve degeneration
– Gene expression is influenced by food, stress, and exercise (epigenetics)

Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s research is in molecular mechanisms that interrelate aging, cancer, and nutrition. She shares insights from her academic studies and research on the best ways to increase healthspan using a proactive, preventive approach.

– Ph.D. Biomedical Science, University of Tennessee Health Science Center; B.S. Biochemistry, University of California, San Diego
– Postdoctoral Fellow, Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute with Dr. Bruce Ames
– Research and publications in the links among mitochondrial metabolism, apoptosis, and cancer, in micronutrients, inflammation, and DNA damage, in Vitamin D, brain function, and behavior, and in insulin signaling, protein misfolding, and neurodegenerative diseases
– Co-Founder, “Found My Fitness” online platform promoting optimal health and performance through deeper understanding biology