Sauerkraut/Fermenting Workshops Sawtell!

Hi guys, we are all a bit obsessed with making sauerkraut, kimchi, beet kvass, fermented veggie etc. Fermenting food is not only fun, healthy and rewarding, but we are keeping an age old tradition active in a society that tends to forget about our true roots. We are going to be running monthly workshops (beef jerkey and bone broth workshops coming soon), the cost will be $25 per person, this price includes a demonstration of a few ferments/pickles, tastings of a variety of yummy fermented, activated, healthy snacks, information on the looong list of health benefits and history of fermenting. Tony our Pharmacist/Naturopath will also be talking about the role of gut health and its importance to basically EVERYTHING! We are only taking 5 people per workshop (space is limited), so if you are interested please let us know by emailing us at or phone 02 66586909.

Heres a link to my recipe if your keen to give it a go, includes step by step instruction with pics.