Fermenting Equipment Coffs Coast is now here!

14 Nov 2014

Fermenting Equipment Coffs Coast is now here!

Welcome to our BRAND NEW Website, this is so exciting to finally have a platform to share our interests and passions, one of those passions at The Tree Of Life is fermenting foods. Improve your overall health with pro-biotic and nutrient dense foods, everybody needs the amazing health benefits of fermented foods. Fermenting food is not rocket science, its fun, easy, economical, safe and delicious! the perfect side to any meal.

We are now stocking fermenting equipment to get you started, stay tuned because we are starting our own fermenting club on the Coffs Coast! and we will be running workshops and seminars for the interested ones (and interesting ones hopefully…)

Very exciting times in the world of fermenting foods as a growing global trend in awareness is reviving the age old traditions and we are getting getting back to our beginnings.

Pop into the store, email us or call us for any fermenting tips you may need, also join our newsletter!

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