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Tree Of Life Compounding Chemist

Tree Of Life Compounding Chemist is located in the main street of sunny Sawtell on the Coffs Coast, 10 km’ s from Coffs Harbour and 80 km’s south of Grafton.

Tree Of Life Compounding Chemist is the newest Compounding Chemist on the Coffs Coast and greater region. We have our own herbal dispensary, holistic pharmacy, a naturopath and our beautiful shop where you can pick up all your super foods, organic + bio dynamic foods, fermenting equipment and foods, vitamins, supplements, gift-ware and more.

Our focus at Tree Of Life is addressing the underlying physiological imbalances of dis-ease and not merely treating it’s symptoms.

In our compounding laboratory we aim to use the best quality ingredients available to produce the highest quality formulations we can. Our product policy is LOW to NO excipients, we use low allergenic products, vegetable capsules and plant based amino acids for individually personalised medications and supplements to suit any need.

We believe in living a balanced lifestyle physically, mentally, and spiritually, not so easy to achieve in today’s chemically enhanced, nutritionally bereft world. We understand that each individual has different needs so we work closely with the prescriber and the patient to formulate a tailor made medication and a happy outcome.

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